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To get emergency oxygen cylinder for respiratory problems, asthma, Corona infected or any patient, call us immediately on this number -01707372005

The professional team of Oxygen Cylinder BD is available 24/7 to help with any goods linked to oxygen cylinders and medical equipment. In Bangladesh, we are a reputable home service provider for oxygen cylinder sales, rentals, and refill services. We deliver all forms of medical equipment, including oxygen cylinders, to patient’s homes.. Satisfies the requirements of medical professionals as well as individuals who require supplemental oxygen at home or in a hospital. We respect the importance of the patient and offer top-notch oxygen cylinders. 

Therefore, we work hard to offer the greatest goods and services to our clients at fair prices. Our oxygen cylinders ensure durability, safety, and performance. We have a variety of oxygen cylinder sizes available, ranging from small portable units to huge, high-capacity cylinders, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. oxygen cylinders, you will find pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrator machines, all types of medical equipment and surgical items, refilling oxygen cylinders. our aim is to provide the best quality products and earn your trust.

Oxygen Cylider price in Bangladesh

Linde Oxygen Cylinder

Linde Oxygen Cylinder

Price 18,000 Tk

This is an authentic BOC Linde oxygen cylinder; to purchase one, dial 01707372005. The Linde oxygen cylinder is the most reliable and user-friendly medical oxygen cylinder available in Bangladesh. These oxygen cylinders are for sale. Anywhere in the city of Dhaka, give us a call, and this oxygen cylinder will be at your house in an hour. Linde Oxygen Cylinder in BD.

islamn Oxygen Cylinder-home Service

Islam Oxygen Cylinder

Price 9,000 Tk

The Islam Oxygen Cylinder shown here is a genuine China product. To purchase one, dial 01707372005. The medical oxygen cylinder made by China is the highest-quality and most user-friendly option available in Bangladesh. These oxygen tanks are for sale by us. Call us, and we’ll send this oxygen cylinder anywhere in Dhaka city to your house in just an hour. Islam Oxygen Cylinder bd.

Oxygen Cylinder Rifil-home Service

Oxygen Cylinder Refill BD

Contact us directly.
The Center Refill Charge : 600 Taka ( per refill)
Home Delivery Refill Charge : 1000 Taka ( per refill)

The company Oxygen Cylinder BD. sells, rents, and refills oxygen cylinders. Anytime, wherever, call us to request an emergency oxygen cylinder. The knowledgeable and experienced staff of Oxygen Cylinder BD is available around-the-clock. An oxygen Cylinder Refill BD.

Oxygen Cylinder Rent-home Service

Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD

An oxygen cylinder rental price list:-

7 days rent : 2500 Taka

15 days rent : 3500 Taka

1 month rent : China:- 4900, Linde:- 6499 Taka

Oxygen Cylinder Rent BD is selling, renting, and refilling oxygen cylinders.. Anytime, wherever, call us to request an emergency oxygen cylinder. The knowledgeable and trained staff of Oxygen Cylinder BD is available to you round-the-clock.

Oxygen Equipment

Oxygen Flow meter/Medical Regulator

৳ 1,500.00 Tk

1. 1–10 L/min oxygen flow setting range

2. Constant pressure regulator, 0.2 to 0.3 MPa

3. Decrease the blood pressure to a range of 0.2 MPa to 0.3 MPa after the high-pressure oxygen inhaler component inlet is set to a pressure of 12 MPa to 15 MPa.

4. The high-pressure component should not permanently distort after holding the inhaler gear for the high-pressure part continuously for 22 minutes of hydraulic testing.

5. Automate the drain valve discharge pressure of 0.05 MPa in 0.35 MP, increase inhalation output pressure, and exhaust valve. Tighten the inhaler and oxygen cylinder attachments to the G5 / 8″ Maximum External Cone Joint Pipeline 7 Oxygen, Joint Angular Horse. The maximum external diameter is 9mm + 0.5mm.

islamn Oxygen Troly

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

৳ 1,000.00 Tk

1. SMS your Address and Phone number with your desire product to 01707372005.
2. You can also send message to our message box.
3. 70 taka is applicable for home delivery in Dhaka.
4.The courier will deliver the merchandise to buyers outside of Dhaka.
5. Customers outside Dhaka have to pay 20% in advance as security money.

Oxygen Face Mask

Oxygen Face Mask

৳ 200.00 Tk

An oxygen mask provides a method to transfer breathing oxygen gas from a storage tank to the lungs. Oxygen masks may cover only the nose and mouth (oral nasal mask) or the entire face (full-face mask). We can construct them of silicone, rubber, or plastic. In some cases, we can use a nasal cannula to administer oxygen instead of a mask.

Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Oxygen nasal Cannula

৳ 200.00 Tk

A patient or individual in need of respiratory assistance may receive more airflow or additional oxygen through a nasal cannula (NC). A thin tube with two prongs on one end is inserted into the nostrils to deliver a mixture of air and oxygen. The other end of the tube is joined through a flowmeter to an oxygen supply, such as a wall connection at a hospital or a portable oxygen generator. An elastic headband or a tube that hooks around the patient’s ears typically fastens the cannula to the patient. Adult nasal cannulas first used for breathing carry 1-3 liters of oxygen per minute.

Oxygen cylinder price in bd

Oxygen cylinder price in bd. We offer a wide range of medical treatment tools that are appropriate for use in clinics, hospitals, and at-home care settings. especially if you require a medical oxygen cylinder to provide oxygen in a life-threatening scenario. We also provide more medical equipment, and we deliver all of it under the current direction of our highly qualified personnel. The best oxygen cylinder bd is the result. We also sell oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh in a variety of trauma centers, hospitals, medical schools, and clinics, and we consistently receive competitive customer satisfaction. Oxygen cylinder price in bd.

Portable oxygen cylinder price in bd

Portable oxygen cylinder price in bd. Oxygen cylinders store oxygen. Hospitalized patients with low blood oxygen levels and lung patients receive oxygen through oxygen cylinders. Divers in Bangladesh and throughout the world use oxygen cylinders to maintain their breathing underwater. Industrial activity also employs specialized oxygen cylinders. Portable oxygen cylinder price in bd.

Oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka

Oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka. People hospitalized with low blood oxygen levels and lung patients receive oxygen through oxygen cylinders. Divers in Bangladesh and worldwide use oxygen cylinders to maintain their breathing underwater. Additionally, industries employ specialized oxygen cylinders for various activities.

Scientists created a special kind of oxygen cylinder specifically for medical usage, which is known as a medical oxygen cylinder.. These cylinders, which normally come with a regulator and other necessary parts, are smaller in size than industrial oxygen cylinders. People use medical oxygen cylinders in hospitals, clinics, and residences. They also price oxygen cylinders in Dhaka.. Oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka.

linde oxygen cylinder bd

linde oxygen cylinder bd. Sales of medical oxygen from Linde Bangladesh as well as a rental facility are offered at the Baridhara Sell Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Security employees will receive the empty cylinder(s) at the gatehouse once the customer enters the sales center, raise the colored gate entrance slip (priority service), and hand it to the customer so they can raise the invoice.
The consumer should present the colored gate entry slip to the sales counter, where the counter assistant will give them priority service.
In exchange for payment, the security attendant will give the consumer a full cylinder.
It takes 10 to 15 minutes to serve each consumer, on average.
For more information, leaflets are available at the customer service desk and the Gate House in Bengali and English. linde oxygen cylinder bd.
Contact Information
If you have any questions, please

linde oxygen cylinder price in bangladesh

linde oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh. A chemical element is oxygen. The Linde oxygen cylinder has an atomic number of 8 and is sold under that name in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the periodic table of elements, it belongs to the chalcogen element. It is an extremely reactive non-metal and oxidant, and it readily reacts with other elements to generate oxides. After hydrogen and helium and oxygen in Linde’s column in Dhaka, Bangladesh has the third-highest abundance of any element in the cosmos. Oxygen is created when the two atoms of the element unite at ordinary temperature and pressure. a diatomic gas with the chemical formula O2, which is tasteless and colorless. Although this has altered greatly over a long period of time, the planet’s atmosphere currently contains 20.95% diatomaceous earth oxygen. linde oxygen cylinder price in bangladesh.

Oxygen cylinder in Dhaka

Oxygen cylinder in Dhaka. About half of the earth’s crust is made up of oxides, which are composed of oxygen. Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, Linde Price oxygen cylinder. The energy released by the burning of Dhaka in Bangladesh and the burning of aerobic cell respiration is provided by oxygen. Living things contain oxygen atoms in a variety of important organic molecule categories, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and mammals, which also form the primary inorganic component of bones, teeth, and shells. Water makes up the majority of life forms in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where oxygen cylinder prices are high. Photosynthesis continuously refills the oxygen atmosphere in the earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen cylinder in Dhaka.

oxygen cylinder home service

The oxygen cylinder home service. An oxygen cylinder’s cost varies depending on a number of elements, including the cylinder’s size, kind, and supplier. Industrial oxygen cylinders are frequently less expensive than medical oxygen cylinders, but medical oxygen cylinders give a higher grade of oxygen and include all necessary accessories. In order to discover the greatest deal, it’s critical to compare oxygen cylinder prices across different suppliers in Bangladesh. oxygen cylinder home service.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh

Medical Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh. Companies that specialize in the distribution and sale of oxygen cylinders are known as oxygen cylinder providers. These companies provide refill and maintenance services in addition to a selection of oxygen cylinders, including industrial and medical oxygen cylinders. Several oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh supply top-notch goods and services to satisfy the requirements of patients and medical professionals. Medical Oxygen Cylinder in Bangladesh.

Oxygen Cylinder Refill BD

Oxygen Cylinder Refill BD. A service that replaces the oxygen in an oxygen cylinder is known as an oxygen cylinder refill. The services of oxygen cylinder providers and rental businesses are available, and they often provide refill services for both medical and industrial oxygen cylinders. Patients in Bangladesh have access to a wide variety of simple and reasonably priced oxygen cylinder refill services. The oxygen Cylinder Refill BD.

An oxygen Cylinder Rent BD

The oxygen Cylinder Rent BD. Renting oxygen cylinders is a service that gives patients temporary access to oxygen. Those who only use oxygen for brief periods of time or those who are unable to afford to buy an oxygen cylinder altogether will find this service to be extremely helpful. Rental services for oxygen cylinders are offered by a wide range of companies and include various options, such as daily or monthly leasing plans. The oxygen Cylinder Rent BD.

What type of oxygen cylinder is used in Bangladesh?

The majority of medical facilities in Bangladesh employ oxygen cylinders constructed of steel and aluminum. We can conveniently handle aluminum oxygen cylinders, which are relatively light, and they contain 99.5% pure oxygen fit for medical usage. Many oxygen cylinders are compact and we refer to them as mini oxygen cylinders and portable oxygen cylinders. We only use industrial oxygen cylinders for industrial use because they contain less than 90% pure oxygen.

Who should use the oxygen cylinder?

The doctor will recommend an oxygen cylinder if the patient’s SPO2 level is less than 95 to 92 percent. The patient should follow the doctor’s recommendation to utilize an oxygen cylinder. We can use a specialized pulse oximeter to assess the blood oxygen content of the patient’s body and measure their SPO2, or oxygen saturation.

What to look for before buying an oxygen cylinder?

There are a few considerations to make when purchasing an oxygen cylinder.

  • Choose an oxygen cylinder based on your doctor’s recommendations.
  • How much oxygen will we purchase or need per minute in LPM?
  • It is necessary to verify and acquire the oxygen
  • production company’s
  • medication license number. This is so that the manufacturer can track all oxygen produced for human consumption. The manufacturer does not print their drug license number on industrially used oxygen cylinders. After the production phase, people must obtain oxygen. They should purchase an oxygen or canola mask as needed.
    Try to purchase a portable or small oxygen cylinder if it will only be needed in emergencies. So, it will be simple to transport anywhere.

How to use oxygen cylinder?

With oxygen therapy, oxygen cylinders help save lives of patients. If they do not use the oxygen cylinder appropriately, they could worsen the patient’s health.. So, it is necessary to be aware of the proper oxygen cylinder usage guidelines. These are the guidelines for utilizing an oxygen cylinder properly:

  • Manually open the oxygen cylinder valve. But if necessary, you can use a wrench.
  • To make sure there is enough oxygen in the oxygen cylinder, check the oxygen pressure meter.
  • By turning the oxygen flow regulator knob, you can change the oxygen flow so that it meets the doctor’s recommended flow rate.
  • Connect the patient’s mouth to the oxygen mask or nasal cannula.

Precautions in the use of oxygen cylinder

  • While oxygen cylinders are beneficial to humans, using them carelessly might result in serious illnesses or accidents that pose a serious risk to human life. Certain things require caution. For instance:
  • We need to clean the tubes in oxygen cylinders frequently because dangerous bacteria and fungus can house in them and cause fatal infectious diseases if they are not cleaned often.
  • Oxygen is combustible and is quickly explosive when it comes into contact with fires and heaters. Do not bring anything flammable close to it.. Avoid smoking anywhere near an oxygen tank.
  • While utilizing oxygen, avoid using fragrances, aerosols, petroleum products, and oil-based items.

What is the price of oxygen cylinder in BD?

We establish the amount of oxygen contained in the oxygen cylinder, how many liters of oxygen it can supply per minute, and the price in BD. In Bangladesh, you may usually buy a 20,000-liter oxygen cylinder for between tk 18,000 and tk 22,000 on the open market. Depending on LPM, prices vary. The China brand prices oxygen cylinders between 6,000 and 12,500 taka.

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