Caregiver and Nursing Home Care Service in Dhaka

Caregiver and Nursing Home Care Service in Dhaka. The fast-paced life of today has been compelling people at large to look for help and alleviation with empathy in terms of healthcare services according to the requirements of the patients.

Patient Care Home BD is your trusted partner when it comes to finding professional caregiver and nursing home care in Dhaka. At Patient Care Home BD, we view every patient’s healthcare needs as unique and attention-demanding. 
We remain focused on offering top-class health care support services right at your doorsteps. We wish that any age category patient could easily spend themselves independently and happily in safety in their respective homes.

Patient Care Home BD:

Realizing this pivotal requirement, Patient Care Home BD has grown to prominence as a one-stop provider for comprehensive home care and nursing services in Dhaka. Our prime objective is to provide quality healthcare service right at your doorstep so that patients in any stage of life may live self-sufficiently, safely, and cheerfully in their own homes. This detailed description of the services will present you with a better understanding of the variety of services and advantages of selecting Patient Care Home BD services for your health care needs.  

Nursing Home Care Service

Our Services

Home Nursing Care

At Patient Care Home BD, we view every patient’s healthcare needs as unique and attention-demanding. Our nursing care services are designed to provide flexible, professional care in your home according to your specific needs.

Flexible Scheduling:

We will aggressively provide nursing care scheduled for your needs, whether you need nursing support for 8, 12, or 24 hours. Most importantly, flexibility assures that patients receive the proper care level without needing hospitalization. 

Professional Care:

Our nurses are highly trained to help manage a host of medical conditions. They are compassionate and competent, attending to the needs of individuals requiring medication management, wound care, post-surgical care, chronic disease management, among others. Our nurses will work in conjunction with you and your family to develop a care plan that suits your varied needs. 

Caregiver Support

The individual needing assistance for daily living activities will significantly benefit from this and greatly enhance the quality of life. Our caregiver support services are designed to help clients in need comprehensively.

Personalized Care:

Our caregivers can be booked for 8-, 12-, or 24-hour shifts, depending on the intensity of care required by the patient. Activities of daily living that they will help with include bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation, feeding, and transfers. In such a way, every patient gets care tailored to his/her needs of living independently and self-respectively.
Holistic intervention, therefore, goes beyond mere physical care. Caregivers provide companionship to the patients and engage them in activities to keep their minds and hearts active. This can be in the form of reading, playing games, or going out for a walk. In summary, our holistic approach will enhance our clients’ quality of life.

On-Call Nursing Home Support:

Emergencies are a occurrence that can happen at any moment, and professional medical backing is always of essence. With our on-call nursing home support, you have the assurance of immediate access to healthcare support at any time you may require it. 


Our nursing support works on a 24-hour basis to give you the assurance that help will always be accessible through a simple phone call. Be it a medical emergency or a normal concern with health, our response team shall answer promptly.

Emergency Response:

Our nurses are trained to provide efficient service during an emergency. They are able to provide immediate medical intervention, coordinate with doctors, and provide hospital transfers if required. This ensures quick and efficient response to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. 

Physiotherapy Services

Rehabilitation and physical therapy are mainstays of recovery and maintenance of mobility. Our physiotherapy services draw up individual, effective treatment plans for patients within their comfort zones—their own homes. 

Customised Programs:

Every patient is given an individual program based on his health goals and conditions. Therapist works closely with the patients for monitoring the progress and treatment plan adjustment as required for optimal results.
Sample Collection
Diagnostic testing is one of the most important healthcare services, and convenience becomes very key. Our Sample Collection Services make it easy for patients to have medical samples taken at home for testing. 


Normally, our health experts visit your home in order to collect blood, urine, or other medical samples with minimal disruption to regular routine. This service specifically benefits those kinds of patients who are facing mobility issues or prefer staying at home.
Accuracy: We handle the samples with full care and send them to different, fully accredited laboratories for processing in the best possible manner. Our reliable and rapid sample collection service helps you get accurate test results on time.

At-Home Consultations:

No hassle of traveling and waiting in the clinics, thus convenient for patients, especially those with restricted mobility or chronic conditions. Comprehensive Care: Our doctors extend a range of medical services. From routine check-ups and chronic diseases, among others, to prescription refills and health assessments. They work collaboratively with the patient. And family members to create tailored care plans that would help bring out optimal specific health needs, for which they have sought advice. 

Home Delivery Services

This would also be critical in the effective management of your healthcare: easy access to essential medical supplies and medications. Our home delivery services ensure that accurately, we provide all that you will need without having you leave your home. 

Qualified Professionals:

We deal one-on-one with patients and their families in personalizing care plans that will be most appropriate for them, given particular health goals and conditions.
Our home care services provide convenience to the patient by making quality health care available without having to move about. This is greatly advantageous for patients who have a problem with mobility, are chronically ill, or just prefer the comfort of their own homes. 

Caregiver service

From routine care to emergency medical services, we have an end-to-end solution for healthcare. We believe in taking proper care of each patient with compassion, respect, and dignity. 
Patient Care Home BD, therefore, focuses on delivering outstanding home care and nursing services that give utmost priority to the health, independence. And happiness of our very special patients. As we deliver a wide range of services under very professional standards, plus a tradition of commitment to patient individuality. You can rely on us most and depend on us for valuable health care. Contact us today for more information about our services and the ways by which we can help you with your specific needs.

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